Why you need an inner shift for successful weight loss


Last week Saturday I had the pleasure of been a guest speaker at a women’s program at my church titled “The total Woman”. It was a wonderful day, which gave me the opportunity to share some of my factors that actually affect women and their bodies.

One of the factors I didn’t talk about dues to lack of time and would like to share with you today is called the inner shift.


What is the inner shift? The inner shift is the resolution you reach when you come to the conclusion that something needs to be done. The inner shift is the conviction that you get when you reach your breaking point from series of failed diets.

We like it or not, we are driven by our emotions and feelings. What we wear, what we eat, how well we do our jobs are mostly ruled by how we feel at those  particular times. Well so is trying to lose weight. A lot of people don’t realise that weight loss is more emotional than it is physical. In fact, following a nutrition plan and doing your exercises are the easiest part of the job. Any body can exercise. Sure it is hard especially if you are new to it but it can be learned and mastered.

I read this beautiful quote in a book recently that sums it all up nicely

“ What you do comes from what you think”


Just yesterday I was talking to a woman I hadn’t seen at the gym for months asking her why she had been absent when she was making so much progress before. Her answer was brief and immediate. She said I just couldn’t find the motivation to continue. I guess I wasn’t convinced enough that I needed change.

I wasn’t stunned by her answer neither is it the first time I heard it. Until you get that click and there is a shift in your head nothing is ever going to change. The cycle will keep going on and on like a hamster wheel.

How do I get the Inner shift?

Everyone gets it through different experiences and circumstances. Some get it as a wake up call from their doctors, spouse, family etc.   For some, they just get fed up of their situation. If you are still waiting to get the inner shift, then you need to do some soul searching. Ask yourself the following questions.

What do I think of myself?

Why can I not commit to my weight loss plans?

What are the emotions I feel when I let go of my weight loss plans?

How do these emotions come about? What I am feeling at these times?

Am I too lazy to work for what I want?

Do I have control over my feelings?

These and many more soul searching question you need to ask yourself . Until you can change your feelings, attitude and habits, you cannot change the way you eat or commit to your exercise.

I hope this was helpful to some one out there especially if you are struggling to stay on track.



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