Boost your fitness motivation with these 6 tips.

So I have been the grid for quite a while. Summer, holiday, work, family all happened at the same time :). But I am back and refreshed from the well  deserved break.

Here is something I think will interest and help you get back on the weight loss
wagon after the summer holidays. A bit late I know!!. Better late than never right ?


1. Remind yourself why you decided to lose weight:

Nowadays it is easy to move along with the crowd, get lost along the way and lose motivation. Am not throwing stones from a glass house. I have been there!! From experience I have found that once your eyes are off your game, everything becomes impersonal. Impersonal in that are following someone else without knowing what drives them or

2.New workout gear:

The brighter the better. I don’t know about you but I am always eager to launch my new workout after which they go to the back of my wardrobe. Hahaha. Back to the point. Something as simple as a new pair of shoes or a new pair of matching tank top and tights can help boost your motivation more than you think. You know what they say about shopping therapy…


3.Put intention into your workout:

Most of the time I can tell if someone is into their workout or just going through the range of motions fro far off. Most people are miles and miles away when exercising, some are talking on the phone or some chatting with friends. Most people do this to distract themselves during workout hoping the time will pass quickly. Am not sure how you can be running as fast as you can and talking o the phone at the same time. Instead set an intention for the workout to help you stay focused and tap into the purpose of the workout. One of the ways you can do this is to ask yourself why you are taking that class or doing that home video workout. What are you hoping to achieve from it. Connect with your workout time and begin to enjoy it. With this Motivation is in the bag.

4.Focus on your progress and not results:

The scale is a downer and is not a true indicator of your size or weight. Instead on focusing on the scale to budge focus on the fitness progress you are achieving

  1. Have you moved from not been able to jog to doing sprint?
  2. Have you progressed from using 3kg dumbbells to 10kg?
  3. Have you been able to run a 10k race?
  4. Remember the first time you took a spin class< now you can attend 2 classes back to back.

Keep striving for strength and progress and be proud of what you have achieved so far Weight loss will come.

5.Take on a challenge:

Taking on challenges can boost your motivation in so many ways. One of which is that most times you are doing it with friends which make it competitive. Joining a social media challenge is even more interesting.

There is nothing better than the feeling of camaraderie you get from the fellow challengers which gets you going during tough times.

6.Change your exercise routine:

Performing the same routine everyday can get really boring and will eventually stop producing the results you are hoping for. When you start to miss your workout because of boredom, know its time to change things up or turn up the tempo of your routine. Your exercise routine has to be challenging to create that excitement in your workout.


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