4 Daily habits to lose weight.

1. Reassess your Schedule daily:

Our schedules are never constant. This means that what we may have planned to do yesterday, we often find that we don’t have time to do today. For instance, I had planned on going for a long run this morning and then take the kids out. But I received a large last minute order last night, which would require me to spend more time in the kitchen. Cutting off the kids outing was not an option, so I settled for a quick 30 minute HIIT session.

I could have cut out my workout from my schedule citing lack of time but we all know that there is always time for what we prioritize as important.

This also applies to your nutrition. If you had an unexpected meeting scheduled at work or an impromptu outing, don’t leave your nutrition trailing behind. Go the extra mile and find out about the menu is beforehand and plan what you will have on your plate. When you plan or have your mind set on what you will put in your mouth, you are likely to follow it.

Reassessing your schedule a night before helps you plan better for the next day.


I have found that my routine suffers if I don’t get a good night rest. By this I mean a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Sleeping well is synonymous to me jumping out of bed when my alarm goes off. In fact, in most cases, my inner alarm would have woken me up before the physical alarm.

This may mean that you have to forgo some late night activities, you may have to turn the kids in early or get them involved in bedtime activities instead of doing all by yourself. I have been known to set an alarm for sleep time too and there is a countdown. This way, when it goes off, everyone knows it’s time for bed.

3.Drink lemon infused water.

It doesn’t have to be lemon infused water really. I just drink it because I don’t like plain water. It has to be flavored. For the cold weather, I drop a slice of lemon in my hot water and drink. Drinking water is a great tool for weight loss. And lemon has great benefits for weight loss too. A combination of both is fantastic. Don’t be sucked in by the various products in the market claiming miraculous results you cannot keep.

4.Don’t keep your weight loss goals to yourself:

As much as I am a private person, there are certain things I don’t advise to keep to your self. Informing your family. Children, friends, colleagues about your weight loss goals will let you off the hook at social events, meetings, family outings etc. In most work atmospheres, there are usually snacks, homemade cakes, doughnuts etc to go round, lunch meetings, send offs etc. Indulging yourself at these occasions daily will increase your waistline and not reduce it.

Kids also serve as a good check. They enjoy telling us foods we can or cannot have.. Especially when we have let them in on our goals. It also makes them really proud of us.

Social media is also a good way of letting people know what you are aiming to achieve. It not only keeps you going because you know eyes are on you but I have also found that being an inspiration to people inspires you to carry on and achieve much more than you ever dreamed you could.

Have you got any tips to share with us?

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