Are you planning ahead or are you planning on winging it


Christmas is a time when we come together with family and friends. It’s a time to share, love, eat and be merry. Most families spend months preparing for this particular holiday season and there are usually lots of food and leftovers to eat. Whilst packing on a few extra kilos may be inevitable for many reasons, it is important to note that the holidays will come and go and sticking to your healthy habits during the holidays will give you a great start in the New Year.

So I want to challenge you to plan ahead using the tips below during the holidays to avoid being one of the 90 percent of January gym enthusiasts in the New Year.


  1. Drink lots of water. It sounds cliché and I know you have heard it a million times but keeping yourself hydrated helps you keep full and will steer you away from fizzy drinks.
  1. Have fun but don’t go all out: Its Christmas. Of course, you should enjoy your dessert but don’t eat your dessert till you feel sick. You know that feeling when you have had too much cake or cookies. Yep! That one. Don’t go there. The bulging tummy you will gain by the New Year is not worth it. What’s more, it also sets you off the sugar bingeing path.
  1. Eat 70 percent of your meals from vegetables and protein: Fill your plate vegetables and protein before you take a short at the rice or potatoes.
  1. Plan Ahead: If you are hosting or attending big parties, you should plan ahead. It is also advisable not to skip meals just so you can go all out at the party. You will end of eating more. I call it the “entitled feeling”. This is when your body believes it is entitled to eat more than it can handle because of a skipped meal.
  1. Don’t stock up on treats: I have been known to stock on celebration sweets with good intentions like “The kids would love it”. But guess who picked all her favourite flavours before the kids had a go? Yep! Me. And I have decided that it really isn’t worth the headache in the New Year.
  1. Pause before you go for a seconds. Ask yourself. Do I really need to eat more? Or do I just need some water. If in doubt and water does not do the trick, Opt for a piece of chicken.
  1. Go easy on alcohol: Alcohol packs lots of calories in them. And they have been known to give the hunger effect. So go easy or stick to sparkling water.
  1. Don’t give up fitness: Between the kids, too much food, cold weather, it is easy to get lazy and let go of physical activity and postpone till the New Year. Instead of your usual hour long routine, why not try out 30 mins HIIT sessions or try something fun with the kids. I would usually do a different type of exercise every day of the holidays to keep things interesting for me.


Wishing you a lovely holiday.


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