A simple guide to a healthy nutrition.

There are many different ways to approach how you eat and types of healthy foods and recipes to for weight loss. 

Unfortunately one size does not fit all with nutrition. There is no “one perfect diet” for everyone, and eating “perfectly” makes no sense because your body’s changes daily, throughout the month as a result of so many different reasons.

But if you focus getting as many foods that are from natural food sources (aka eat as close to the farm as possible) you’ll start to be able to “hear” what your body really wants and your cravings will diminish. This means that all foods that are man made and did not expressly come from the ground should not been found on your plate.

Here is my Nutrition guideline. Every program I write is based on these guidelines.



Protein is generally known as the building blocks of life. They keep you fuller for longer and they help you build lean muscles. I always say when in doubt of what to eat, start with protein. Aim to include protein in your all your meals.


Some sources of Protein sources are:

Chicken (drumsticks, skinless breast)

Turkey breast

Lean mince turkey/ chicken

Eggs white

Greek Yoghurt

Protein whey

Tuna in brine

Fish (Cod, Halibut, Haddock, Mackarel, Salmon, Atlantic pollock, Red headless, Croaker, Tilapia, Tuna, stock fish.)



Goat meat


Cottage cheese

Dried lentils

#Tip 1: You can eat as much as 4-5 portions of protein in a day ie 5 pieces of chicken or any other sources of protein. depending on your current weight / goal.



Your carb choices can make or break your weight loss. Skipping carbs is not the best for sustainable weight loss. Either eat your carbs at breakfast or around your workout time to make you burn fat effectively. To keep you fuller for longer include vegetables in all your meals. The greener the better.

Carbs are present in almost all foods. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, sweeteners, sauce all contain a portion of carbohydrate. This means that watching the starchy carb list (main carb component) is paramount as it’s easy to exceed your daily limit with an additional banana, apple, cookie etc. (I recommend between 100 -150gm of carbs daily depending on weight, age, size etc).


Some sources Good carbs are:

Sweet potatoes




Beans (all products of beans)



Bulghur wheat


Bread (gluten free or sprouted for me)





#Tip2: Measure your carbs. Don’t eye ball them until you are confident about measurements.  If you don’t have a scale, use your palm (cupped). Do not exceed 1-2 cupped palm per day.


3.Healthy fats. 

Healthy fats are good for you. They help nourish your body and they substitute the work of carbs in the body. Don’t skimp on good fats. Your body needs it.


Some good sources of fats are: 

Egg yolk




Chia seeds

Nut butter

Coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil

Coconut milk



4.Greens & veggies:

 Whatever type of vegetables you prefer, make sure the bulk of it is green. The greener the better…  I mostly eat spinach as my vegetables. It suites me fine. You can cook your greens however you like them. Be creative and you will never be bored. Include vegetables in all your meals.


Some good sources of veggies/greens are:



Swiss chard


Collard greens

Bok Choy

Parsley, mint, basil or other fresh herbs




Sugar snaps


Any green leafy veg

Other coloured crunchy veggies ie carrots, onions, tomatoes, Red bell peppers, Swede, parsnips.

#Tip3: The sweeter the veggies the less you should eat them


Meal prep

I cannot over stress the benefits of food prep. Usually I write a list of the foods I want to eat for the week by Thursday of the present meal. This means that I shop and prep on Sunday ready for the week. If you are the type that gets bored easily, I suggest having 2-3 different meals on your menu weekly. This way you can rotate them.

Notice that some foods widely known as protein eg beans and other lentils are classified as carbs because of the high percentage of carbs present in them. So the quantity specified for carbs applies to them as well.  


Remember that no amount of physical activities in the absence of  a good balanced nutrition will  yield  results.



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