3 tips on how to increase your confidence.


We are in times when everyone wants to think, dress and look the same so much that it is in getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and I believe that one of the ways to stand out for the world to see you for who you are is to be confident.

Confidence is a product of your innermost being not what you wear.

Confidence allows us to face life boldly knowing that we will succeed.

We cannot be confident if we don’t love ourselves. I don’t think anyone can claim to be confident if you cannot look at yourself in the mirror. And I am not talking about looking at your face when applying your makeup. I am talking about insecurities that come with how you see yourself or what your body looks like.

To be confident in your body, you have to accept your body for what it is. Body acceptance is required for effective change. I don’t have to ask anyone to raise their hands but I know from experience that a lot of women don’t like their body (hate even). Myself included- at least before… This has caused us to lose the confidence God wants us to enjoy. May I suggest that if you want be a confident woman, accepting your present body not what you want it to be is important?  

The scripture says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Yes you need to work on your body but by accepting your body you are acknowledging that you are going to start working on it. The bible says love your neighbor as yourself as you love yourself. So this means that even when you love your family, you give all your time to them leaving yourself with nothing, you don’t really love them because you don’t love yourself enough.


I guess the question to ask is…

How many times do you take time out for yourself doing the things you like?

-How often do you do the things you know your body needs to keep it in perfect health?

-How often do you tell yourself how beautiful you are. How fearfully and wonderfully God has made you.


I want you to know that it is not about the scars, stretch marks, flabby arms or tummy. No!! It is who you perceive yourself to be.


That said…. Here are 3 tips on how to increase your outward appearance.

1.Get Knowledge.

Knowledge they say is power. This is because gaining knowledge and learning everything there is to know about your field, job helps you believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you will convince other people to believe in and what you have to offer.

I guess my point is, it is impossible for others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself first.


 2.Change your body language and image.

Your body image includes posture, making eye contact, smile and speech slowly come into play. Just the simple act of pulling your shoulders back gives others the impression that you are a confident person. If you have a habit of hunching over then avoid sitting for long.- I always advise my clients to set a 5-10 minutes timer to remind them to sit up right or stand up from their desk if they have a desk. It is also a good idea to get away from your computer for a few minutes a couple of times during the day.

*Smiling will not only make you feel better, it will make others feel more comfortable around you.

*Make eye contact: keeping eye contact shows confidence. Look at the person you are speaking to and speak out loud.


3.Wear comfortable cloths.

Some women in a bid of being fashionable wear cloths that are visibly uncomfortable. I believe this is personal as what is comfortable for me may not be for another. However, making sure you are dressed confortable allows you to focus on other things not trying to keep your cloths in check at all times.

When you wear confortable cloths and shoes, you can walk and relate with others with confidence not wondering whether they can feel your uneasiness.



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