How to run 5km as a beginner.


So, it’s been 4 weeks I dusted my shoes to get back into fitness after baby 3.  Yep .. I have a 9 week old baby and I think it’s safe to say that it has not been a walk in the park. 

-For one my body is older than it was 5 years ago when I initially lost weight.
-Two, I have 2 older children to look after plus a business. 

This time though, I have decided I am not running a race and I am going to try my best in the little time I have.. 
To help me on this Journey, I have set myself little targets out of my big goal. First of which was to be able to run 6km at a go in October.

How to run 5km as a beginner.

You need

  1. A pair of running shoes.
  2. Music, podcast or anything to keep you going.
  3. Comfortable cloths. (Do not settle for your old cloths)
  4. A running tracker app (try Nike +, Strava, mapmyrun..)


Here is a schedule you can use to hit your 5km goal


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