Boost your fitness motivation with these 6 tips.

So I have been the grid for quite a while. Summer, holiday, work, family all happened at the same time :). But I am back and refreshed from the well  deserved break. Here is something I think will interest and help you get back on the weight loss wagon after the summer holidays. A bit late I […]

Why you need an inner shift for successful weight loss

  Last week Saturday I had the pleasure of been a guest speaker at a women’s program at my church titled “The total Woman”. It was a wonderful day, which gave me the opportunity to share some of my factors that actually affect women and their bodies. One of the factors I didn’t talk about […]

7 tips to stop mindless snacking.

Over snacking is one of the easiest ways to exceed your daily calories.  Snacking when not planned or mindless snacking can sabotage your weight loss efforts even when you are doing every other thing right! Find out ways to curb mindless snacking to move you towards your weight loss goals. Treat your snacks as meals: […]