Hi everyone..

You probably know by now that I recently had a baby. She is so cute right?

I gained 18kg in pregnancy and I also had my third Caesarean section (story for another day).. so, now my goal is to get back into shape and my utmost desire is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 62kg.

You see, I recognised long ago from years of my own weight loss experience and from being a personal trainer that fad dieting doesn’t work nor does exercise alone.  The only thing that’s ever helped me lose weight and keep it off is a combination of healthy eating and exercise.

I found myself at my heaviest with a very bad case of low self esteem after my second baby 5 years ago. This jolted me into working towards getting back my body and my confidence back as I knew it. For those who know my story, I succeeded in losing 4 dress sizes in 4 months. Even though, all I did was exercise and eat healthy as previously stated, I must confess that I would rather have done it a different way.

A different way ….

  • Free from hours and hours of exercise daily.
  • Free from restrictive foods.
  • Free from eating too little foods.
  • Free from the fear of not being able to eat out or socialise for the fear of weight gain.
  • Free from not being able to enjoy my journey and learn from it.


The picture on the left was me a few weeks pre pregnancy and the picture on the right is of me 2 weeks post pregnancy.

I know!!! I was actually asked if I was still pregnant?.. 😂 😂





6 weeks ago, a few ladies asked me if they could join me on the journey of getting back to my pre-pregnancy body so I invited more women to join us and we had such great results.

This time, I opted for a program that was easy, accessible, manageable and with minimal restrictions and I was able to achieve the picture below.

Now, I am inviting you to join me to do this and much more over the next three months.

The bootcamp features.

  • NEW bi weekly workouts.
  • Weekly shopping list.
  • New weekly meal ideas.
  • Advice on snacking. 
  • Going out guides.
  • Daily motivation and tips on a healthy lifestyle.
  • GROUP motivation and accountability.

With the 12 week bootcamp, we’ll make sure we keep challenging your fitness and maximising your results. We’ll tell you when to workout, when to rest and trust us, you’re going to love it and you will see results.  

I am more than a diet bootcamp is a complete health, fitness and weight-loss programme designed just for you. It’s for you if you are a complete beginner, fairly active or a fitness enthusiast, The 4 week Bootcamp will challenge you in every way.


Here are what the other challengers had to say.


IMG_20160318_202629 I am more than a diet has helped in so many ways that I could have ever imagined. I joined the challenge because I had fallen off the weight loss wagon…I lost about 15kg altogether in the 2 programs and right now I am working towards a lean body.  I feel so confident in my body now. I’m so glad I joined the challenge.One important thing I learnt is that being healthy is a lifestyle not just something you do at interval, so I’m making healthy a lifestyle.

– Pyaar


PicsArt_1458835703820 I was a member of a previous group created by the Bunmi and lost a whooping 35kg and even got an award for it. However, family and friends comments made me slack on my exercises and I started eating and the rest they say is story…. Bunmi was kind enough to take me back and it’s been tremendous but hard work all the way. I enjoy the fun banter within the group, the different meal options, motivation and encouragements and the feeling of being with good friends who have got your back. I have lost 10kg so far and I am still WIP. I am hoping to get back to the shape I was before and then work on maintaining my weight regardless of comments from any one.

– Jade


 WemimoBefore I joined the IAMTAD challenge I had a lot of preconceptions – that I hated exercise and I don’t have time to work out (with 2 young kids and a career) were just a couple of them. After I saw the exercise regime and the meal plan then I really wasn’t sure I could make it work. But Bunmi provides a lot of support in the form of coaching, how-to videos, varied and interesting meal plans (calories already worked out) and she’s always available for questions. She’s managed to build a community of like-minded women who are single-minded in their determination to get fit and who support each other. Her meal plans are also really good, you don’t get a chance to get bored or starved 🙂 Now you have to put in the work and excuses won’t cut it but Bunmi has done all the groundwork, all you have to do is follow the plan. And it works. I’ve shed the post-pregnancy weight that I’d been carrying around for over a year and lost a dress size – that belly is gone! A lot of people are amazed by the transformation – all within a few weeks. I now love how I look in my clothes again and I’m more confident.

If you are thinking of whether the challenge is for you – I say give it a go, what do you have to lose? Nothing!! But a lot to gain – hands-on, daily fitness support and a healthier, happier you.

– Wemimo


IMG_20160324_121725 I signed up for iamTad lean and strong challenge, because I had previously joined weight loss challenge organised by IamTad and was successful. I knew it was time to get a defined body. It was only reasonable for me to return to my weight loss coach to get toned. I am not there yet because muscle definition I know takes time body but everyone around me can see that the journey has been a successful one so far.

– Temilade


PicsArt_1458821782566 I really thought it was impossible to keep up as I get bored easily but much to my surprise, I felt accountable for once, which is very good. Having the companionship of others was really motivating because the other members are a constant reminder of what you can achieve. Iamtad has made me stronger and more disciplined. The experience is a really nice way of growing outside your comfort zone whilst still getting the adequate knowledge of living healthy.Well done Bunmi. You have done a great job.

– Abi


  IMG_20160324_160724I believe this challenge helped me realise that this lifestyle is more dealing with me and not just about eating. If I don’t deal with those issues I would still be going around in circle. It has helped me ask myself, why I’m I eating what I’m eating, is this helping me fuel my body the way I need it to.The motivation provided by the group and the words of wisdom through the word of God has helped identify the root cause of why I needed change. The workouts provided have made me stronger and more defined.

– Toyin. O



2016-03-24 12.24.55


You can join this challenge if..

  • you are an absolute beginner in fitness.
  • you are a nursing mum.
  • you have taken an extended leave of absence from exercises.
  • you are of intermediate/advanced fitness level.
  • you would like to be amongst a group of women to motivate each other.
  • you want to shed Body fat
  • you want to learn how to eat healthy and sustain your weight loss.
  • you want to reshape your body and  reveal your figure.

At the end of the challenge you will experience 

  • Momentum and motivation to keep losing weight.
  • A lifestyle change.
  • Loss of belly fat.
  • 6-9kg weight loss.
  • Habit change.

Pay  in full ( £150 ) 


To pay in 3 instalments of £50




Registration for the bootcamp ends on Saturday 18th  of November 2017 (only 35 spaces available).