I Am More Than A Diet 6 Months      Transformation Challenge.         

My name is Olubunmi Banwo.

My mission is to empower women to take control of their health and fitness by following a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle that not only gives them the body they’ve always wanted, but enables them to live a long, vital, disease-free life.

Do you like what you see in the mirror every morning?

  • Do you feel like you lack discipline to stick to your weight loss goals?    
  • Do you lack Confidence?
  • Does your weight affect your self esteem?      
  • Do you struggle to find balance between home, career, children/family and self-care?       
  • Have you been living off cycles of restrictive diets?     
  • Do you start every day as a new day with new rules but you end up going back to your old habits?       
  • Are you constantly hungry and you end up eating more than you intend to eat?      
  • Are you a new mum who wants to get back to her pre pregnancy body?     
  • Are you looking for accountability or someone to hold your hand to help you get  to your desired goal weight?    
  • Do you find yourself making good food choices during the day but fall flat on your face in the evening? ·       
  • Do you want to lose weight and look your best but you don’t know where to start?

I lived like a hermit, refusing to go out and socialise because my clothes wouldn’t fit.

I felt ashamed of the way I looked and always felt like the whole world’s eyes were on me.

In fact, I used to get so upset every morning simply because nothing in my wardrobe would fit. 

Most times it ruined my day and I would transfer the aggression to my family.  

I did try to lose weight a couple of times, but it just felt like I was on a hamster wheel.

Always finding myself right where I started from.

So like you, I know what it feels like to be lonely even in the midst of a crowd, misunderstood and unsupported.

But I want you to know that there is a better way. I began my journey on this new path when eventually, after my second baby, I got to a point where I had no mental nor the physical energy to continue with the “everything is fine” façade I was keeping up with. I had, had enough so …

 Eventually, after my second baby, I got to a point where I had no mental nor the physical energy to continue with the “everything is fine” façade I was keeping up with.

  • I enrolled at the gym again.       
  • I found real applicable knowledge from a fitness trainer.
  • I found my support network.      
  • I swapped my lifelong habits for new ones
  • I decided this time not to be hard on myself and be patient.
  • I forgot about my past failures and adopted a “Can do attitude”
  • Enlisted the help the one who never fails and whose strength gives me strength to do all things.  


And now, my past struggles have helped me tremendously in showing others how to get fit and lose weight. This program has been tried and tested by hundreds of women in different parts of the world and all have gone on to lose weight and sustain it for life.  

If you feel like you have been making little or no progress despite lots of frustrating time and effort, this program is for you.

Who is this program for?

  • This program is suitable for women of all fitness levels between the ages of 18-45.
  • Anyone who has not done any physical activity before or who has taken an extended leave of absence from physical activities.
  • Any one of intermediate/advanced fitness level.  

You need this challenge..

  • If you are an absolute beginner in fitness.
  • If you want to shed Body fat
  • If you want to lose one or two dress sizes.
  • If you want to learn how to eat healthy and sustain your weight loss.
  • If you want to reshape your body and reveal your figure.
  • If you are skinny fat but want some muscle definition
  • If you are quite fit but want to be lean and strong.



To join this challenge you must ..

  • Be willing to stick to the Nutrition plan with my help. Don't worry, I believe in tasty food of all kinds.
  • Be fit to exercise. 
  • Have a gym membership or be willing to train from home.
  • Be motivated. I will help with this and keep you accountable but you must possess some intrinsic motivation yoirself and must be willing to meet me halfway.

 How will this program help you?


  •  You will learn exactly how to eat healthy
  •  You will learn what to eat including the quantity to eat.
  • You will learn that you don’t have to sacrifice lots of food and eat only salads to lose weight. With this program, the meals cannot be adapted to suit all foods all over the world to suite your taste.

 All meals have been calorie and macro badge so you know what you are feeding your body at a glance.

This is NOT a simple ‘follow this meal plan’ program – it is ultimately about education, support and providing an environment that is both motivating and encouraging.

 Habit and lifestyle teachings through faith

 2 Timothy 3:16 says

 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.  

If you have been through a weight loss journey before, you would know that weight loss is 100-percentage mindset more than it is physical.  

This means that transformation (which is the renewal of our spirit man) comes ONLY through the word of God.    

Emotions are what drive our actions. Getting the right mental framework in place will ensure you take actions that support your goals. Most people write-off the mental aspects of weight loss.

We are too eager to get to the “what do I eat” and “how should I work out” questions that we neglect the mindset stuff.

Ignorant of the fact that changing your mindset influences your behaviors, and these behaviors influence how active you are, what you eat, how much you eat, your happiness, and eventually weight loss.  

With this program, every week, you will be taught how you can transform your mindset with the word of God for weight loss.

This means that at the end of the challenge, you would have transformed not only in the physical, but you would have transformed 12 of your former habits to God like habits that will propel you to your goals.  


You may have heard the phrase “weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. I beg to differ. Weight loss is 100% nutrition and 100% exercise.

Placing so more emphasis on one aspect will only serve as a catalyst for imbalance.

90 days to lean will teach you how to train smart towards your goals so you don’t have to sacrifice loads of time.

It includes

  •  3 sets of exercise plan for the duration of the program.
  •  Exercise videos you can follow anywhere in the world
  • Instructions on the how to and what to do on fitness.  

In addition, your workout should be completed at home in your own time. You don’t need to have a gym membership to complete this, but if you do have one you will be able follow the training program at the gym as well.

My motto is “start where you are and build up to where you want to be.


There is this saying that goes “ you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.  The association you keep can make or break you”.

This is why the support group has been created with like-minded women motivating, supporting and inspiring each other.

The ladies are absolutely amazing, very supportive and encouraging.

You can ask any questions in this forum knowing you will get honest answers from people that have been in the same shoes or are currently walking in the same shoes.

We share recipes, laugh with you when you laugh and we hold your hand when you need a friend. It doesn’t get better than this.


The I am more than a diet community has been running for over 4 years. 

It’s based on a group coaching structure that I created in February 2013 as a programme called the phat2slim club for busy women looking to lose weight and which I have now refined and improved into a challenge.

 What others have said about the “I am more than a diet challenge” 

Before I joined the IAMTAD challenge I had a lot of preconceptions – that I hated exercise and I don’t have time to work out (with 2 young kids and a career) were just a couple of them. After I saw the exercise regime and the meal plan then I really wasn’t sure I could make it work. But Bunmi provides a lot of support in the form of coaching, how-to videos, varied and interesting meal plans (calories already worked out) and she’s always available for questions.

- Wemimo

"I had tried several Weightloss diets and decided to try this particular one just because I had read that it involved more than diet and exercise and actually getting to the root of the problem and I decided to give it a try.

I must say that it was actually easy, it didn't eliminate too many food groups and it helped me understand more about food and with fantastic insights into the word of God I was able to see progress.

I also liked the fact that progress wasn't determined by the figures on the scales. Thank you to the wonderful coach for all the encouragements."

CC, I woke up this morning with a sense of anxiety thinking we are at the end of this challenge.

I want to say the biggest thank you to you for your support and guidance over the 6 months. My life has been truly transformed for the better.

I remember when I spoke to you for the first time about my addiction to rice and you laughed at me. I had tried all sorts but not stuck at it like this.

This has been a huge blessing to me and my family and I once again say keep up the good work in changing people's lifestyles and may God continue to bless you. I am so happy with the new me. Only problem is a need a new wardrobe!!!

 There are 2 levels to participate in the challenge.

 Join the challenge with Support - £350

You'll Get:

 1.     30-minute online strategy session with me before start. (This is when we make the challenge plan personalised to you based on current circumstances).  

2.     Weekly behaviour / habit coaching. (This is where we pinpoint behaviour to change every week, you will then receive guidelines on how to change them and you work on it until it's a positive habit.   

3.     Weekly goal setting and accountability in the support group. This will fire you up to get you to your goal.  

4.     Access to New Exercise plans and videos every 3 weeks.  

5.     Access to an extensive nutrition plan with guidelines, recipes.. All macronutrients and calorie calculation.   6.     Weekly live interactive videos in the group anchored by myself.  

7.     Weekly mini fitness challenge spear headed by challengers in rotation.   

8.     Daily personal support from me and other ladies in a safe haven.  

9.     Daily access to myself plus the opportunity to ask me any questions that may arise.  

So...imagine, in just 12 weeks from now, by being consistent with the practical tips and wealth of knowledge I will be teaching you, you would have transformed your mind, shed body fat and built lean and toned muscles.

 Join the challenge with No support- £215

 You may download the plan and follow all by yourself without joining the support group 

  1. You get access to the challenge plan. This can be downloaded on any device.
  2. You get access to the exercise workouts pictures included side by side to the exercise plan.
  3. You get access to sample meal plans, yummy recipes and lots of meal options per meal to eliminate boredom.
  4. All meals display calories and macronutrient information.

How the Challenge is delivered:

Everything you need to start your weight loss journey including meal plan, nutritional information, FAQs, Fitness plan and exercise pictures and instructions have been included in the challenge plan.

If you purchased the Support plan, you will be emailed..

  • A link to download the challenge plan.
  • A Link to join me and the other ladies in the support group.  

If you purchased Download only plan (No support) you will be emailed

  • A Link to download the challenge Plan.

Further Information

  • If you purchased the Download only plan (No support), workouts are delivered with side-by-side pictures in the challenge manual you will receive.
  • If you purchased the support plan, workouts videos will be delivered via our YouTube channel as well as pictures in the manual
  • You will be sent a link to view the challenge exercise videos along with the challenge plan
  • You can view the video anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • If you experience any problems accessing your account, please email me at contact@iammorethanadiet.com

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