Phat2Slim Club

A semi unique plan aimed at arming you with enough knowledge to help you succeed in your weight loss journey. The members of this program have all testified to the no nonsense rule which helps everyone to rise above their excuses/limitations.

  •  Consultation / assessment to start up with a proper healthy plan
  • An adaptable meal plan with guides on how to combine daily meals
  • A comprehensive list of meal ideas, recipes, healthy cooking tips and food charts.
  • An in depth exercise plan aimed at whatever level you begin at.
  • Participation in monthly exercise challenges with rewards and incentive schemes.
  •  Access to the support group which promotes accountability, effective monitoring and motivation.
  • Monthly weigh-in to monitor your progress. I have found that accountability helps everyone. Knowing that you are accountable to likeminded people is one of the greatest boosts for effective weight loss.
  • Bi- Monthly information and Newsletter to help you on your journey.
  • Access to monthly Q&A sessions.
  • Plus you will get the chance to learn from others in the group, share tips and exchange experiences, ideas and have fun whilst losing weight.

£40.00 per month.