VIP Club

Your unique weight loss plan complete with SMART goals set up around your life to give you the support required to help you reach your goals.  Just imagine me in your thoughts every day, reminding you of what you should or shouldn’t do. This programme is tailor made for you AND set at your own pace. I will help you create healthy and delicious alternatives to your favourite meals, complete with recipes and shopping list.

Your Plan will include:

Brainstorming Sessions
You have a busy life with no time to exercise?  Say hello to your unique brainstorming session where we will find simple ways of incorporating fitness in your daily life. You do not have to do it alone. I will be there to hold your hand all the way.

Progressive Plan
We will split your plan into bite sized stages subject to monthly reviews. We will discuss how long it will take to get you to your desired goal; what you need to do at the different stages, explain the reasons behind every decision and advice that will enable you understand your journey. The ultimate objective is that you reach your goal – there is simply no room for failure!

  •  A Step by step progressive plan reviewed on a monthly basis
  • New, interesting lip-smacking  recipes each month  plus continuous healthy life style tips
  • Bespoke meal plan
  • Exclusive shopping list
  • Monthly fun challenges to keep you going so that you are never bored.
  • Monthly exercise routine specially designed to match your meals and your goals
  • Monthly appraisals on your performance
  • Weekly Weigh-ins to monitor your progress
  • Access to the support group
  • Access to monthly Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited email tips and updates or text coaching
  • 2x 60 minutes one-to-one calls or Skype per month
  • 2 months of continued support after you have reached your goal. Plus you will get the chance to learn from others in the group, share tips and exchange tested experiences and ideas.

£350 for 3 months.