Adeola Babatunde

I had believed that because I was born big at birth, I would stay big the rest of my life. That mentality stuck until I made a conscious decision to give change one last shot. I had been very insecure and had zero confidence. I also suffered bullying and got called names that directly ridiculed my size. I got so tired of being taunted and so I decided I would start sticking up for myself; unfortunately it had a negative effect so that I became the one with the nasty attitude.

However, August 2013 was the day my life changed completely. I got introduced to IAMTAD CLUB by a friend; and now I can proudly say with the help of Bunmi Banwo and her resilient coaching skills, I have lost 21kg. What a dream come true – I could never have visualised it for real.

To any woman out there who thinks weight loss to be impossible, please take a cue from my story. It is very possible to attain your desired weight without drugs, supplements or surgery. As my coach would say, it is a lifestyle, adopt it because YOU ARE MORE THAN A DIET.