IyaboIf anyone had told me I would once again be able to fit nicely into an 8 (UK), I would graciously advise them to tell it to the marines! Boy – I had tried every diet rule possible! As a matter of fact, I thought I knew it all and so I came to the conclusion that perhaps, being slender and sleek could never be a reality for me – but that was before I crossed paths with CC and got grafted into the Phat2Slimclub .Just a little bit of history about how CC came to my rescue – I had seen her approximately four months after the birth of her second child; and I turned to her husband and said, “Wow! Your wife is super-fit!” His response was, “Here is her PIN, contact her.” Of course I did! Best decision ever!

I can confidently say she sure knows her stuff!  I weighed a whopping 83kg to begin with, wore a 14 (UK) and was tipping over into the next size up. I lost a massive 20kg over a period of six/seven months and the weight has more or less stayed off more than one year on. I currently hover between 63kg and 65kg. My waist was at 32.5inches when I joined the club but it is currently at 26.5inches, sometimes 27inches. It has been a really pleasant journey (and I say that honestly) save the first two weeks when I struggled greatly with the ethos and disciplines. Once I started to see CC’s wisdom pay off and the treasured support I got from the entire group, I became even more resolute to achieve my goal – and that has carried me through.

PS: CC is an acronym for Coach Chincco that I initiated during the Phat2Slim epoch – and it has stuck since.