My journey started when I realized my dress size had gone up to 22 (UK). What drove this message in more was the shock I got when I held out an outfit in front of me – I knew then that I had to do something about me being overweight; but my eating habits and lifestyle did not change much until Bunmi invited me to the club. I started the journey weighing 97kg. The most challenging part of my journey was the fear of “plateauing” – I feared I would stop losing weight once I reached a stage.

Bunmi taught me to eat/exercise right and have great fun while doing so. Even though my work schedule is a tight one (5am-9pm); she taught me how to manage and balance the two (work and fitness); and that I did not need to spend long hours at the gym in other to reach my goal. Interestingly, I did not need to use the gym at all – I achieved my goal in the comfort of my home. Bunmi was always there to answer questions, encourage and dish out recipes for healthy meals (including deserts– yummy). I do not feel deprived as I have continued to eat most foods I enjoy – cliché, but true! I have no issues falling for unhealthy foods, because the consequences of doing so are still etched in my head. I now have the tools I require to sustain my weight loss. It has left me with a lasting legacy that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

I never imagined I would make it this far. I am a stronger and a much more confident person. My friends and family are blown away by my achievement. I get complimented all the time, even by my parents who now say I have won the battle over weight loss

One of my goals was to show my friends and family that I could rise up to any challenge, and I hope they have learnt a lesson or two from my journey – because I have learnt lots of lessons. I have been an inspiration to many people including work colleagues who followed my journey. Surely, obesity can be conquered without surgery, dangerous weight loss pills, starvation and/or extreme exercise regimes.