MowunmiiEver since I can remember, I have always wanted to be slimmer than I was, not that I was seriously overweight…..i wore size 12…even then, I was described by a friend as not fat, but with a big body.

Hence, the need to loose the “body” began with learning to swim, and a personal fitness trainer. I lost a bit of the weight, but of course it came back as I never had a meal plan.

The weight increased with child birth and unhealthy eating habit, before I knew it, I became a size 14 and was shifting towards the size 16 arena, my tummy was a whooping 38 inches…coming from 30 inches, at this point, I knew things had to change.

I joined the phat2slimclub in June 2013 and from then; I have not only lost 12kg but also lost 2 dress sizes.  It has indeed been a change in lifestyle for me; in that eating healthy does not mean bland, tasteless food and working out has become something that I look forward to doing ……I cannot believe myself…. phat2slim has indeed lived up to its name…fantastic support group, fantastic Mentor, and one of the craziest gathering of ladies.