TeeI have always been an advocate of a fit/toned body. However, I never really cared about what it entailed. I believed that anyone could achieve a slim physique as long as they could starve. Another belief I held was that of using supplements to achieve weight loss.  Now I know I had a limited knowledge and had no real clues about how the human body worked.

My weight loss journey started when I went on a low carb diet which worked fine to begin with – but in the long run however, I gained back the weight once I returned to my usual ways. I then tried the protein diet which I supplemented with regular gym workouts for a period which lasted over a year until I could again no longer sustain it. Then I resulted to medications – a kind of appetite suppressant which again worked like magic even without any workouts. Again, once I stopped the medications I doubled in weight and I was clueless on what else to do until I got introduced to Phat2Slimclub.

I began to learn about how my body works and how to be in control of it. I realised that achieving a great physique was really a journey for life – like a habit that eventually becomes a way of life. I discovered that we are really what we eat; that it is really about feeding our body with the right food and amount of food; that exercising and healthy eating is the only viable way to losing/ weight maintenance.

I joined the group in August 2013 and I have never regretted it. Although I have only lost 16 kg, I look and feel much better than that. My determination and the support from the group were what kept me going. Every lesson learnt has become a part of me.