TejuI can safely say that my weight a few years ago was a perfect definition of the word – fat. Today, that is all in the past – phew!

At the age of 10, I weighed 86kg and at the age of 15, I weighed 118kg; so yes, I was very FAT. As a result, I had issues with self-esteem. I remember writing a letter to my mother one day – explaining how I felt and how I hated God for creating me fat. I also wrote that I had thoughts of taking my life; yes that thought did come to mind but I thank God I never acted on it.

Thoughts of losing weight never crossed my mind because I thought it impossible. I therefore had to get used to the awful names friends and teachers called me at school. They referred to me as ROADBLOCK. To make matters worse, I went on eating until a friend of mine talked me into losing weight in the most fascinating way I had never before heard of.

I first had to admit to myself that I was obese; it was at that point my journey actually started. I came across many solutions to weight problems, but they lacked the drive I so needed. I needed to be motivated in order to be well-able to embark on the journey.

My life changed the moment I got introduced to the Phat2slimclub. With the help of a very “MEAN instructor”, Olubunmi Banwo aka CC (laughs), I have been able to lose about 45kg; and I am still losing. I have a body most girls want, with all the curves in the right places (laughs). I do not only look amazing, I also feel amazing and I am healthier too.

Apart from the physical benefits I have gained from losing weight, I have also learnt some very serious life lessons, some of which are – do not settle for less, determination and motivation are important ingredients needed to achieving of any set goal. Now I feel I can achieve anything I want. I am now an inspiration to a lot of women who desire to lose weight. Can you imagine? I inspire people to lose weight!

When I wake up these days, I look at myself in the mirror and I give thanks to God for helping me through this. Also, I thank CC for all the support she gave me. I now not only follow a healthy diet, I also love to exercise. I can proudly say I AM MORE THAN A DIET.