I was on the slim side growing up and never once thought that a day would come when I would look in the mirrors and suffer shock-fits! I hated the image of the person that stared back.

After the birth of my second child I had gained so much weight over time; what was most annoying was the gradual build-up around my waist – it meant I could not wear fitted clothes because it not only looked dreadful, it made me look like an expectant mother. This made me very upset and depressed so that I was forced to join a gym. I even starved myself sometimes all in a bid to redeem my once fit stature. Of course I did lose some of the weight, but it all soon came piling back in excess – now I know that the eating habit I embraced was definitely not the correct route to losing/sustaining weight loss.

A fateful August day in 2013 was the happiest day of my life as I now look back in hindsight – this is because it was the day my sister-in-law who resides in the UK, introduced me to the phat2slimclub, and of which she was a part of.  Immediately, I made contact with Bunmi (whom I now know to be the brain behind the group

She made me keep a diary of my food intakes, daily work -outs and weight . I also learned a lot about good carbs vs bad carbs. I completely changed my diet by introducing more of vegetables, fibre, reduced oil and portion-control.

I found the work-out challenges motivating and I started to see the weight drop off each week.

My confidence has grown since losing weight, and I feel happier about how I look – this is obviously reflected in my day to day life. I really appreciate the support and encouragement and of cause the “scolding” which I got when I did go off track.

I achieved my weight goal of 60kg in 6months, but I still consider myself a work-in-progress because I have to remain focused to maintain it. It is easier because Bunmi taught it as a way of life rather than some sort diet program.

I am most grateful to the lovely women in the club and most especially to Bunmi for making me a confident woman who no longer has to hide in baggy clothes – I am now a yummy mummy!