Are you a busy mum looking to get fit,

lose weight, sculpt your body,

learn how to eat healthy

plus be a yummy mummy?

Or maybe you have a gym membership but only attend to take the kids to activities ? Have you always felt intimidated by the free weight area or with the big equipments at the gym so you stick to the cardio machines? I know!!! I have been there and it is a scary feeling..

Maybe you actually  have the time but you don’t know where and how to start .

Let me let you in on a secret which i suspect you already  know. Effective, permanent  weight loss and fat loss isn’t down to a 20 day diet or any fadd diet . This ways of managing your weight is well outdated and non result oriented.  What will guarantee a sustainable weight loss is a lifestyle change. Now this doesn’t mean you have to overhaul and change your whole life, or maybe eat veggies all day. It means that you have to make some simple , smart changes that are crucial in maintaining your desired body.

As Moms we know tons of things and we probably already know that weight loss has something to do with healthy eating and  exercise but  our excuse is we don’t  have the time to put in the exercise especially with all the activities with the kids, work and family life. But we only see change where we put in efforts.

So ..

What if  I told you that your workout doesn’t have to be  2 hours long to make a difference

What if  I  told you that Healthy eating doesn’t mean you can not eat the foods you love at all.

What if  I  told you that losing weight is mainly about changing habits and being more mindful of how you are treating your body.

You see weight loss is a step by step, day by day effort which only reaps results when done consistency. This is why the Yummy mummy challenge is for you.

The  challenge is a FREE 4 week easy peasy, step-by-step online challenge designed by a yummy mummy Olubunmi Banwo of I am more than a diet that covers everything you need to lose weight, sculpt your body and feel energized to continue on your weight loss journey.

The Yummy mummy challenge will give you

  • Weekly 30 mins body weight Strength Training Exercises you can do from the comfort of your home with little or no equipments
  • Easy peasy Nutrition guide to help you learn how to eat for fat loss
  • Weekly check up on you email with facts and tips to help you stay motivated and keep the fire burning.
  • How to define your weight loss goals edged by what you really want for your body.
  • Easy ways  to fit your workout into your daily routine and around the family.
  • A yummy mummy badge at the end of your challenge to show off all your hard work. What’s a challenge without a badge eh !

So why did i create this challenge?

In the last couple of months, I have had requests from a lot of mums asking for help on how to lose weight. Most of them don’t even know where to start. If you are in this category or if you have been trying and you feel you are not reaping results then the YM challenge is for you.

As a busy mum, I bet you are looking for a flexible Programme to fit into your ever busy life. This is called training Smart . Quality always trumps quantity .

I am glad to tell  you this challenge will do exactly that for you as long as you are committed till the end.  I always say if something is important to you, you will find the time to deal with it.  So why not make your health and your body a priority and take the FREE Yummy mummy challenge today.


Don’t start a a diet that has an expiry date ,focus on a lifestyle that will last forever.

Take the challenge now and give your Body the Challenge it needs to take you where you want to be..